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Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy Interviews a Leprechaun!

Today, Maddy gets our top 5 questions about leprechauns answered – by a real leprechaun! Where did the leprechauns come from? Why did they hide their gold at the end of the rainbow? Did they ever meet St. Patrick? How old are they? Is it true that they occasionally go out at night and ride […]

Audio Episode: Revenge on the Smyth, Keep Right ep.7

After an ugly but very expensive art piece goes missing, April discovers it in Travis’ backpack. Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott. The Actors: Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth Greg Tull as Travis Meghan McDermott as Elena Joel Walley as Gleason Jessica Tull as April Brandi Doyle as Paprika William McDermott as the Janitor, the […]

Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy’s 1st Challenge!

Maddy, out both studio and interviewee, needs to find SOME way to entertain her audience. And what better way than smashing raw eggs over her head!.. With her camera girl… Whenever they get a true/false question wrong… Right? Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and come on back for Maddy’s next podcast! […]

On Maddy’s Podcast: “Outlaw Valentine’s Day?”

Okay, so during my podcast I ranted a little about Valentine’s Day. But then Channel 2 ½ News interrupts me and reports that some Mayor heard me and wants to make the holiday illegal! (Whoops.) But how does a nutcase like that even get elected? (Don’t answer that.) To top it off, I get called […]

On Maddy’s podcast: Maddy and the Painter Art Critics

Hi everyone! Maddy Smyth here, back with another podcast! This time, I was faced with the question “can we really be wrong about ANYthing?”, and to explain my thoughts I needed an illustration. So I made a painting. Yeah, that’s a pun. (I’m so clever.) I also asked a couple of Painter Art Critics to […]

Maddy’s Podcast Debut! Topic: Cliques

My first podcast! So exciting! I have a VOICE! I can say anything I want on the Internet! Since this, being my first podcast, was a special occasion, I decided to pick a subject that was very close to me: Cliques. As in, how I hate them. That subject is very close to me. It […]

Maddy Posts On: Our YouTube Debut!

Keep Right teen character Maddy Smyth back again to show you MYRISTICA’S YOUTUBE DEBUT! It’s fun! It’s about an upcoming podcast! And Keep Right! And ME! And I’m introduced by… by… Um… I think I’m having an identity crisis. [To see the video, click on the blog post title or visit YouTube.] – Madison Smyth, resident […]

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Hello, everyone! Keep Right character Maddy here again. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around to give you a Myristica production update. I’ve been busy spying. I think I was born to be a spy. See, I was investigating a possible conspiracy to keep ep.4 of the Keep Right series from making […]

Guess Who’s Here…

Hi everyone! I am Madison Smyth, main character, teen genius and bubbly delight on the Myristica Studios’ show Keep Right. (That’s what my mother says, anyway.) The head writer, Meghan McDermott, is busy with other things, so she asked me to write for the Myristica Blog. She wants me to keep you all updated on […]

Little studio, big dreams…