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Audio Episode: “Operation: Alex”, Keep Right ep.4

April concludes Alex has social phobia and enlists Travis, Gleason and Paprika to work him out of it. But when Travis decides it’s time to have fun with the operation, he takes command of the conspiracy and sends Alex’s college life spiraling out of control. Credits: Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott. Music by John […]

Audio Episode: “Ponderings from the Dish Pit”, Keep Right ep.3

“A tale of conflict, peril!, and mashed potatoes.” Alex records the experiences of his first week of work at the college restaurant. Credits: Written and directed by Meghan McDermott. Music was by Charles Sivils. Voice Talent: Keagon Doyle Greg Tull Joel Walley Jessica Tull Brandi Doyle William McDermott Heather McDermott Brooke Noble End credits were […]

Video: The BTS Chat with 2 Special Announcements!

“Wherefore art thou, Myristica?” the cry rings out. Let’s go behind the scenes with Heather and Meghan as they give us an exciting update! Hosted by: Heather McDermott, actress of Madison “Maddy” Smyth Meghan McDermott, director and head writer at Myristica. The Keep Right Preview and Credits Music was by John Campbell. Actors Featured in […]

Audio Episode: Revenge on the Smyth, Keep Right ep.7

After an ugly but very expensive art piece goes missing, April discovers it in Travis’ backpack. Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott. The Actors: Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth Greg Tull as Travis Meghan McDermott as Elena Joel Walley as Gleason Jessica Tull as April Brandi Doyle as Paprika William McDermott as the Janitor, the […]

Video: Behind the Scenes Pix of Keep Right Recording Sessions

Behind the scenes photos from the recording sessions of audio fiction series Keep Right, with a fun intro by Heather and Kelly! Get an inside look at the studio and the actors. Keep Right is a fun, lesson-filled collection of 12 audio episodes. It follows Alex Smyth as he walks for the first time into […]

Maddy Posts On: Our YouTube Debut!

Keep Right teen character Maddy Smyth back again to show you MYRISTICA’S YOUTUBE DEBUT! It’s fun! It’s about an upcoming podcast! And Keep Right! And ME! And I’m introduced by… by… Um… I think I’m having an identity crisis. [To see the video, click on the blog post title or visit YouTube.] – Madison Smyth, resident […]

I Spy With My Little Eye…

Hello, everyone! Keep Right character Maddy here again. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around to give you a Myristica production update. I’ve been busy spying. I think I was born to be a spy. See, I was investigating a possible conspiracy to keep ep.4 of the Keep Right series from making […]

Guess Who’s Here…

Hi everyone! I am Madison Smyth, main character, teen genius and bubbly delight on the Myristica Studios’ show Keep Right. (That’s what my mother says, anyway.) The head writer, Meghan McDermott, is busy with other things, so she asked me to write for the Myristica Blog. She wants me to keep you all updated on […]

Little studio, big dreams…