Myristica Studios

Short Film 2017

Announcing our second-ever short film!

Hey everyone! Our 2017 short film – title currently unannounced – is almost finished! There are pictures on our Facebook page if you’re interested, and, God willing, there’ll be a title release video posted on our YouTube channel within the month.

This is now our second short film (the first, “The Higher University of Super Villainy”, was produced in 2016), and we’re excited to show it to you. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check back for updates!


Myristica Facebook (must be logged in to view), Myristica YouTube channel, our Vision page (what our goals are, and why), and our previous short film, produced 2016. 

Announcing the Myristica 2017 short film credit roll:

Written and directed by Meghan McDermott

The Actors –
Theo Bray as Operations Coordinator Peters
Juli Tapken as The Administrator
Heidi Olson as Agent 47 Haley
Heather McDermott as Secretary Alyssa
Joel Walley as Shadow Agent 37

Music by Conner Savoca

Edited by Meghan McDermott

Josiah L.

Production Assistants –
Kelly McDermott
Josiah L.

Post-Production Assistants –
Kelly McDermott
Bridget McDermott
Josiah L.

Story Consultant
Heather McDermott

Key Script Screeners –
Cindy, Shannon, Keenan and Bridget McDermott

A special thanks to Emmaus Church, Springfield MO, for allowing us to film at their location.

Special thanks also to those of the McDermott family not named here, whose behind-the-scenes support and effort helped make this film a reality.

Little studio, big dreams…