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Second Short Film: Shooting Complete!

As of last week the filming for our second-ever short film is complete! It was a great couple days – exhausting but totally worth it. (The director and crew averaged 3 hours sleep each day.) It was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to work with a talented cast: Juli Tapken, Theo Bee […]


8/11/17 – short film CASTING CALL… Hey guys (in the most literal sense, this time): If anyone’s interested in acting a confident, easy-going good guy whose occupation happens to be coordinating secret operations… Or in acting a smooth-talking bad guy… Then give us a holler! We’re in pre-production for our second-ever short film and we’ve […]

Updates Coming!

Hey guys. Keep you hats on, cuz we have new stuff coming: an update on the CASTING CALL page (ATTENTION ACTORS! – we’re gonna be needing you!), an update on the Home page, the What’s New page, and the Pix page. Stay tuned!

BLOOPERS: “Maddy and the SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)”.

Bloopers time!!!! Here’re a few outtakes from the filming of “Maddy and the SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)”. Watch the original video here:… Credits music by John Campbell. Featuring: Ben Walley Heather McDermott Joel Walley Meghan McDermott Edited by Meghan and Kelly McDermott. Produced by Myristica Studios. Let us know what […]

Maddy and The SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)

A Valentine decoding chart, a hectic podcast, a frazzled director and an alien visitor! The fun and chaos of Maddy’s Podcast returns! Credits: Written and directed by Meghan McDermott. Featuring: Heather McDermott as Maddy Smyth, Ben Walley as Billie, Joel Walley as Jesse, William McDermott as Techie, Meghan McDermott as Geilin of Renar, Director, and the […]

Characters ON STRIKE! (Authors be Advised)

Characters all across Fiction-dom are on strike, and here’s why. (Paid for by the Union for the Advancement and Protection of Fictional Characters.) Credits: Written by Meghan McDermott. Featuring Heather McDermott as “Jill Redshirt” and “Starlene”, Keenan McDermott as “Zhenora E. Ville”, and Meghan McDermott as “Jeanie West Oak” and “Fiana Gwynn”. Music by John […]

TRAILER: The Higher University of Super Villainy (Short Film)

Trailer for Myristica’s short film “The Higher University of Super Villainy”. Credits: Edited by Meghan McDermott. Featuring Joel Walley Greg Tull William McDermott Heather McDermott Ben Walley Meghan McDermott and Keenan McDermott. Music by John Campbell. Produced by Myristica Studios.

Video: BLOOPERS from The Office of Cooking Experiments

Bloopers from the filming of “Tips from the Office of Cooking Experiments” and “Office of Cooking Experiments: Christmas Edition”. Watch “Tips from the Office of Cooking Experiments” here:… Watch “Office of Cooking Experiments: Christmas Edition” here:… “Fun Cook” was played by Heather McDermott. “Nerdy Cook” was played by Meghan McDermott. “Cook #1″ was […]

Audio Episode: “Alex Hijacked”, Keep Right ep6

Alex gets hijacked into Travis and Gleason’s attempts to play hookey from their restaurant job. Meanwhile, April sets out to chase them down, determined to see they get busted. Credits: Written by Shannon McDermott, with contributions by Meghan McDermott. Music by John Campbell. Directed by Meghan McDermott. The Players: Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth, Greg […]

Audio Episode: Debate and Discussion 101, Keep Right ep.5

Maddy and Katelyn give a humorous presentation on Debate and Discussion, covering everything from how to handle an unexpected debate to dealing with the Swirling Vortex of Analogy (aka, how to avoid determining one’s theology on the basis of peanut butter). Meanwhile, Alex is conscripted onto a debate team led by Elena Saunders. The other […]

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