Myristica Studios


mys, abt slider1 copyMyristica Studios is a young studio created for the purpose of producing high-quality, squeaky clean, God-honoring media that radiate awesomeness! (See our Vision page for more.)

We aim toward feature films. Thus far we’ve produced a number of skits on our YouTube channel, several episodes of an audio fiction series called Keep Right, and a short film (The Higher University of Super Villainy). Our second short film is nearing completion. Keep checking back for updates!


Visit our Videos page.

On our YouTube channel we’ve interviewed a leprechaun, talked to the mayor who outlawed Valentine’s Day, watched Maddy smash eggs over her head and heard announcements from the Union for the Advancement and Protection of Fictional Characters. We just never know what’s next!


Check out our YouTube channel to see our fun vlogs! (Coming soon.) 


Visit our Keep Right page.

An audio fiction series that follows Alex Smyth as he takes his first step into the whirlwind known as the college/work world. It’s a little crazier than he expected, making for lots of fun and lessons learned. Keep Right episodes 1-7 can currently be heard on our YouTube channel.


Our first short film was titled “The Higher University of Super Villainy”, a story about heroes, villains, and truth. Available to watch here on YouTube. Our second short film is currently in pre-production. Stay tuned! 


Myristica’s dream is a big one and the resources and number of team members required to make it there are significant. If you’re interested in getting involved in any way, whether behind the camera or in front, message us via our Facebook page (must be logged in to view) or email us at info at We’d love to hear from you!



A number of us at Myristica appear regularly on a fun new YouTube channel called “MediaRealming”. MediaRealming discusses media and media creation, from movie reviews, to vlogs, to challenges. Some of its recent videos are: Our World Was Deleted, 5 Disney Parent Fails (and they’re not what you think!), The Stunt Challenge, and Mystery Reviewers: My Little Pony, the Movie. Check it out! 

Little studio, big dreams…