Myristica Studios

The Vision

Hi, I’m Meghan, director here at Myristica. I was recently asked to write down the dreams behind my founding of the studio, so here goes…

Succinctly put, Myristica was created with the dream of its someday becoming a vast media empire which produces God-honoring media that positively radiate awesomeness!

We shoot for the stars.

Non-succinctly, my dream is for Myristica to be a light in the world of media:

- A spiritually safe landing for Christians at work in the media realm. A place where they can exercise their gifts without having to stretch their standards or ask their consciences “how far is too far?”. A place where they can build the resume they may need to get a start into the tough mission field of secular media (because Hollywood and the like is, indeed, a mission field, and believers there like believers anywhere are witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ).

- A studio that provides entertaining media both high quality and squeaky clean. Far too often are family films littered with crude humor and mild language. Almost non-existent are epic live-action films for viewers sensitive to language and extreme violence.

- To extend all this through many different forms of media (hence, the “vast media empire” part): audio, visual, animation, live-action, films, TV shows – you name it. And through various genres as well.

So there you have it – the vision behind the creation of Myristica Studios. Like I said, this is a dream that shoots for the stars. But seriously, why not? One never knows what God might be wanting to accomplish through us if only we’re willing to try.

This path isn’t easy, but it has nevertheless been embarked upon. It’s time to take risks, be creative, get crazy, and have fun doing it!

God’s will be done.

- Meghan McDermott, Director


Want to Get Involved?

Practically speaking, the stars are a long way away. It takes many, many people, lots and lots of time, and lots and lots of money to make this kind of dream a reality. If you’re interested in becoming involved in any way, email us at



Little studio, big dreams…