Myristica Studios


Here at Myristica we’re trekking the long road toward, God willing, feature films. To start we’ve produced several audio fiction episodes, a number of skits and a short film (The Higher University of Super Villainy, produced 2016). Our 2017 short film is nearing completion.

Click on the banners below to see some of our favorite videos thus far. To see more from us, check out our YouTube channel. To see several of our creators do reviews, talk media and media creation, check out the MediaRealming YouTube channel.


P.S. We’re regularly putting out new content and we’d love to have new members on our team! If you’re interested in getting involved in any of our future productions (whether you prefer being behind the camera or in front), send us a message at info at pic: characters uniontitle pic: super villainy short

title pic: valentine videotitle pic link: kr ep.6

title pic: maddy interviews leprechaun

title pic: maddy valentine bloopers

Little studio, big dreams…