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Short Film Post-Production: Almost There!

Just dropping you guys a quick note to let you know that we’re getting close. The post-production of the 2017 short film looks to be drawing to a close. Oh, and we have a title chosen now. We chose it a little while ago, if you can believe that. (We have a bad habit of doing, like, everything else under the post-production sun first.)  But we haven’t announced it yet. We’re hoping to do that as a video, posted on our YouTube channel. We’re shooting for having that up within the month.

Gotta run, but we hope to keep the updates coming quicker now. (Though of course, the quickest ones tend to come over our Facebook page. ;)) Hope you’ll keep checking back! Bye for now!


Myristica Facebook (must be logged in to view), Myristica YouTube channel, our Vision page (what our goals are, and why), and our previous short film, “The Higher University of Super Villainy”, produced 2016.

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