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Second Short Film: Shooting Complete!

As of last week the filming for our second-ever short film is complete! It was a great couple days – exhausting but totally worth it. (The director and crew averaged 3 hours sleep each day.) It was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to work with a talented cast: Juli Tapken, Theo Bee Ray, Heidi Olson, Heather McDermott and Joel Walley.

While we’re about the credit roll: our writer/director was Meghan McDermott.

And a special thanks to Emmaus church in Springfield MO, for allowing us to film at their location!

Okay. On another note: we’ve gotten all the way through pre-production, filming, and into post, and we still have no idea what the film is called.

We have issues.

Hence, our Facebook hashtag: conveniently yet discreetly title-less. (#myristicashortfilm2017)

At least we’re clever about our issues.

Anyway. We’ll be back with behind-the-scenes stuff later – including pictures. So be sure to check back. Until later!

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