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8/11/17 – short film CASTING CALL…

Hey guys (in the most literal sense, this time):

If anyone’s interested in acting a confident, easy-going good guy whose occupation happens to be coordinating secret operations…

Or in acting a smooth-talking bad guy…

Then give us a holler! We’re in pre-production for our second-ever short film and we’ve got some roles to fill. Here’s some info on it:

Filming is planned for Springfield, MO.

Money… not a lot, but we don’t wanna send our actors away empty-handed! (If you’re interested you can message for more details.) Also, we hope to provide coffee (we are currently incapable of sending actors away without a dose of caffeine and sugar), experience, a little added exposure (YouTube and Facebook at the least), and, hopefully, some fun!

If you’re interested or have any questions, just message us.

If you’re interested and available for a day or two at the end of this month or the beginning of next for filming, shoot us a message!

If you’re interested but aren’t available at that time – shoot us a message anyway! We may be able to work something out.

Thanks for listening! If you’re of a mind, share this with anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!


Myristica Facebook (must be logged in to view), Myristica YouTube channel, Our Vision page (what our goals are, and why), our previous short film, produced 2016.

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