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Audio Episode: “Alex Hijacked”, Keep Right ep6

Alex gets hijacked into Travis and Gleason’s attempts to play hookey from their restaurant job. Meanwhile, April sets out to chase them down, determined to see they get busted.

Written by Shannon McDermott, with contributions by Meghan McDermott.
Music by John Campbell.
Directed by Meghan McDermott.
The Players:
Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth,
Greg Tull as Travis Kelly,
Joel Walley as Gleason,
Jessica Tull as April,
Brandi Doyle as Paprika,
Alessandro Bautista as the Station Policeman,
Meghan McDermott as the Cashier,
William McDermott as the Parking Lot Policeman,
and Keenan McDermott read the credit roll.
Editing and Sound Design was by Meghan McDermott.
The Post-Production Assistant was Kelly McDermott.
The Keep Right theme was composed by Charles Sivils.

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