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Audio Episode: Debate and Discussion 101, Keep Right ep.5

Maddy and Katelyn give a humorous presentation on Debate and Discussion, covering everything from how to handle an unexpected debate to dealing with the Swirling Vortex of Analogy (aka, how to avoid determining one’s theology on the basis of peanut butter).

Meanwhile, Alex is conscripted onto a debate team led by Elena Saunders. The other team is led by Travis. Both leaders instruct their team on how to win regardless of being right.

The topic of the debate is the existence of morality. Alex’s stance is correct, but what if he can’t win the debate?

Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott.
Music by John Campbell.
Theme Music by Charles Sivils.
Vocal Talent:
Keagon Doyle
Jessica Tull
Greg Tull
Brandi Doyle
Brooke Noble
Joel Walley
Michael McDermott
Meghan McDermott
Heather McDermott
Keenan McDermott.

Editing and Sound Design was by Meghan McDermott.

Produced by Myristica Studios.

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