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Keep Right Episode 2, Get Ready, Get Set… Go? Pt.2

After finding his new college and work situation a little crazier than expected, Alex is considering quitting. But he gets distracted from his ponderings when he comes across a strange storybook that seems to mirror his experience.

This episode is that tale…

Written and directed by Meghan McDermott.
Music by Charles Sivils.
Voice Talent:
Keagon Doyle
William McDermott
Seth Walley
Greg Tull
Brooke Noble
Heather McDermott
Jessica Tull
Joel Walley
Tamika Doyle.

Editing and was by Meghan McDermott.

Sound Design was by Meghan McDermott, with assistance in sound recording by Heather and Kelly McDermott.

End credits were read by Keenan McDermott.

Produced by Myristica Studios.

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