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Maddy’s Podcast Video: “Starr-Struck”

The Crime Scene Expert says evidence means nothing in the case of celebrity Jerry Starr’s alleged golf-tournament-rigging! Has Starr-mania gone that far? Maddy interviews Ms. Big Fan to find out! Meanwhile, Imma Anker interviews the Crime Scene Expert on Channel 2-and-a-Half News.

Written and directed by Meghan McDermott.
Credits Music by John Campbell.
Featuring Joel Walley as The Crime Scene Expert,
Heather McDermott as Madison “Maddy” Smyth,
William McDermott as Jerry Starr and Mr. I’m-Whatever-the-Opposite-of-a-Fan-Is,
and Meghan McDermott as Imma Anker and Ms. Big Fan.
And thanks to our production assistants, Kelly and Josiah!

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