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Maddy’s Podcast Video: “3′s Crazy!”

With Keep Right’s 3rd episode finished, Maddy’s fascinated with the number 3! Hence, her crazy list: 3 quick ways to botch an interview, 3 weird things about characters in radio shows, 3 awful things about mornings, 3 topics most people don’t realize the Bible spoke on, and more!

Maddy is a character on the upcoming audio fiction series Keep Right, produced by Myristica Studios. To see more on the series, visit its webpage:

Madison “Maddy” Smyth was played by Heather McDermott. Also featuring Meghan McDermott, Kelly McDermott and Josiah.
Credits music was by John Campbell.
Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott.
And thanks to our PAs, Kelly and Josiah!

Produced by Myristica Studios.

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