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Short Video: Up-And-Coming Hero Seeks Wise Old Mentor

“Applicants must be wise, older, knowledgeable of the present Evil and willing to face danger to guide me to my true destiny. No application necessary. Preference given to those who initiate the meeting by rescuing me from certain death. Further details here…”

Narrative written by Shannon McDermott.
Visuals scripted by Meghan McDermott.
Music was by John Campbell.
“Up-and-Coming Hero” was played by Joel Walley.
“Wise Old Mentor” was played by William McDermott.
“Gunman” was played by Ben Walley.
Directed and edited by Meghan McDermott.
And thanks to our assistants:
and Heather.

Produced by Myristica Studios.

This video’s narrative (used with permission) came from a blog post written by Shannon McDermott titled “Help Wanted, Again”. It was first published on Shannon’s website:
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