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Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy Interviews a Leprechaun!

Today, Maddy gets our top 5 questions about leprechauns answered – by a real leprechaun!

Where did the leprechauns come from? Why did they hide their gold at the end of the rainbow? Did they ever meet St. Patrick? How old are they? Is it true that they occasionally go out at night and ride small barnyard animals?

Searching for the answers to these ancient questions, Maddy interviews a leprechaun – then gets surprised by a new and mysterious little guest from Ireland!

Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott.
“Claury” was played by Joel Walley.
Credits Music was by John Campbell.
The Leprechaun was played by William McDermott.
And our hostess Madison “Maddy” Smyth, character on the upcoming audio fiction series Keep Right, was played by Heather McDermott.

Produced by Myristica Studios.

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One Comment to "Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy Interviews a Leprechaun!"

  1. J & K says:

    SO FUNNY! Seeing the hats instead of the Leprechaun himself was a really good idea.

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