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Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy’s 1st Challenge!

Maddy, out both studio and interviewee, needs to find SOME way to entertain her audience. And what better way than smashing raw eggs over her head!.. With her camera girl… Whenever they get a true/false question wrong… Right?

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Directed and edited by Meghan McDermott.
Credits music composed by John Campbell.
“Maddy” played by Heather McDermott.
“Camera-Girl Kelly” played by Kelly McDermott.
Scripted portions written by Meghan McDermott.
Produced by Myristica Studios.

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One Comment to "Maddy’s Podcast: Maddy’s 1st Challenge!"

  1. J & K says:

    Kelly had hilarious reactions! You should make more challenges like this one. I’d suggest the Chubby Bunny challenge.

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