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Video: Behind the Scenes Pix of Keep Right Recording Sessions

Behind the scenes photos from the recording sessions of audio fiction series Keep Right, with a fun intro by Heather and Kelly! Get an inside look at the studio and the actors.

Keep Right is a fun, lesson-filled collection of 12 audio episodes. It follows Alex Smyth as he walks for the first time into the worlds of work and college – which turn out to be a little crazier than he expected! It’s now currently in the making.

Credits for Behind the Scenes Pix: Recording Keep Right…

Music by John Campbell.
Video edited and captioned by Meghan McDermott.
Actors featured in photos (alphabetically by first name):
Brandi Doyle
Brooke Noble
Greg Tull
Heather McDermott
Hyoeun McDermott
Joel Walley
Keagon Doyle
Keenan McDermott
Kelly McDermott
Meghan McDermott
William McDermott.

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  1. J & K says:

    That credit music is SO, SO GOOD!

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