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On Maddy’s Podcast: “Outlaw Valentine’s Day?”

Okay, so during my podcast I ranted a little about Valentine’s Day. But then Channel 2 ½ News interrupts me and reports that some Mayor heard me and wants to make the holiday illegal! (Whoops.) But how does a nutcase like that even get elected? (Don’t answer that.) To top it off, I get called to interview the guy. Well, on the bright side, this means… he heard my podcast! I have actual, real live viewers! How cool is that?

You should check out the video, and subscribe to the channel if you’ve a mind. We’re trying to get up one new video a week. See you next time!

 - Madison Smyth, character from the coming audio fiction series Keep Right and resident awesomeness at Myristica Studios

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3 Comments to "On Maddy’s Podcast: “Outlaw Valentine’s Day?”"

  1. Kelly says:

    SOOOO funny!!! :)

  2. J & K says:

    Definitely on of the best podcasts yet! And I loved Mayor McBlarney! (Hope I spelled his name right)

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