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On Maddy’s podcast: Maddy and the Painter Art Critics

Hi everyone! Maddy Smyth here, back with another podcast! This time, I was faced with the question “can we really be wrong about ANYthing?”, and to explain my thoughts I needed an illustration. So I made a painting.

Yeah, that’s a pun. (I’m so clever.)

I also asked a couple of Painter Art Critics to critique my painting. They did, and to my surprise each brought in a painting of their own. (And they were doozies, let me tell you.)

You should check out the video, and leave behind a like and comment if you’ve a mind. See you next time!

- Madison Smyth, character from the coming audio fiction series Keep Right and resident awesomeness at Myristica Studios

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One Comment to "On Maddy’s podcast: Maddy and the Painter Art Critics"

  1. J & K says:

    “Two plus two might just equal four” sounds just like a algebra problem.

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