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Maddy’s Podcast Debut! Topic: Cliques

My first podcast! So exciting! I have a VOICE! I can say anything I want on the Internet! Since this, being my first podcast, was a special occasion, I decided to pick a subject that was very close to me:

Cliques. As in, how I hate them. That subject is very close to me.

It wasn’t a perfectly smooth filming. I got interrupted once or twice by Imma Anker for Channel 2 1/2 News but that happens to everybody occasionally, right?… Right? Hey, on the upside of that, we got to see what happened to the W.S.A.T.O.C (Wallflowers Sick and Tired of Cliques).

You should check it out!

And let me know what you all think of it in the comments. That’d be stupendous. :)

That’s all for now. I have to keep this short because I’m so incredibly busy (my awesomeness is in high demand ;) ).

- Madison Smyth, character from the coming audio fiction series Keep Right and resident awesomeness at Myristica Studios

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One Comment to "Maddy’s Podcast Debut! Topic: Cliques"

  1. J & K says:

    This is so well done.

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