Myristica Studios

RecordingKeepRight, EarlyEpisodes

Brooke Noble and Heather McDermott recording.

Brooke Noble (left, voice of “Katelyn Smyth”) and Heather McDermott (voice of “Madison Smyth”).

Brandi Doyle, voice of "Paprika".

Brandi Doyle, voice of “Paprika”.

doodling on script

A Keep Right episode 8 script in the recording booth. Hmmm… *Somebody’s* been doodling.

Heather doubling as techie.

Heather doubling as the recording techie.

Brooke Noble recording.

Brooke Noble.

william and hyoeun

Bit part actors William and Hyoeun.

Joel Walley, voice of "Gleason, recording.

Joel Walley, voice of “Gleason”.

Keagon Doyle and Keenan McDermott.

The Irish corner: Keagon Doyle and Keenan McDermott. I’d tell you which one’s which except it should be obvious by the name, right?… Right?

Jessica Tull recording.

Jessica Tull, voice of “April” and the Assistant Manager.

the booth

The Keep Right recording booth.

Meghan as techie.

Now Director Meghan’s playing techie…

Meghan McDermott recording.

It took till the recording of episode 9 for the director to get behind the mic… and boy, did she have fun once she did!

Heather and Joel recording.

Heather and Joel recording a scene together.

Keagon Doyle and Brandi Doyle.

Keagon and Brandi.

Just a few pictures from the Keep Right recording sessions, back in the days of the earlier episodes. Check it out! Click on the title “RecordingKeepRight”…

Little studio, big dreams…