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Audio Episode: “Alex Hijacked”, Keep Right ep6

Alex gets hijacked into Travis and Gleason’s attempts to play hookey from their restaurant job. Meanwhile, April sets out to chase them down, determined to see they get busted. Credits: Written by Shannon McDermott, with contributions by Meghan McDermott. Music by John Campbell. Directed by Meghan McDermott. The Players: Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth, Greg […]

Audio Episode: Debate and Discussion 101, Keep Right ep.5

Maddy and Katelyn give a humorous presentation on Debate and Discussion, covering everything from how to handle an unexpected debate to dealing with the Swirling Vortex of Analogy (aka, how to avoid determining one’s theology on the basis of peanut butter). Meanwhile, Alex is conscripted onto a debate team led by Elena Saunders. The other […]

Just Produced Our First Short Film!

Hey, everyone! Here at Myristica we’ve recently completed our FIRST SHORT FILM! We’re really excited about it. The title: The Higher University of Super Villainy. It’s about heroes, villains, and truth. The trailer should be available on YouTube sometime next week. Keep coming back as we post the trailer, behind-the-scenes fun stuff and a link […]

Casting Call!

Hey, guys. We’ve just added a “Casting Call” page to the main menu. We’re currently looking for actors for the short film we’re making. It’s a fun script, played for humor, set at that “heart-wrenching, ruthless kind of human event known as a social gathering”. It’s a party, to be exact. And on that particular […]

Audio Episode: Revenge on the Smyth, Keep Right ep.7

After an ugly but very expensive art piece goes missing, April discovers it in Travis’ backpack. Written and Directed by Meghan McDermott. The Actors: Keagon Doyle as Alex Smyth Greg Tull as Travis Meghan McDermott as Elena Joel Walley as Gleason Jessica Tull as April Brandi Doyle as Paprika William McDermott as the Janitor, the […]

What’s New

What’s new is… We’re here! But our site’s still under construction, so be sure to check back now and again to see what’s new. Picture by animator/artist Heather McDermott.  

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