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Excuses! (an update)

An update! Plus our excuse for Myristica’s long silence on YouTube, and we’re not embarrassed to give excuses. Featuring: some people are not Meghan and Heather. (If you’re seeing this in the “What’s New” section, click on the title see the full post, then click on the video to watch.) See you next time!

Short Film Post-Production: Almost There!

Just dropping you guys a quick note to let you know that we’re getting close. The post-production of the 2017 short film looks to be drawing to a close. Oh, and we have a title chosen now. We chose it a little while ago, if you can believe that. (We have a bad habit of doing, like, everything […]

Second Short Film: Shooting Complete!

As of last week the filming for our second-ever short film is complete! It was a great couple days – exhausting but totally worth it. (The director and crew averaged 3 hours sleep each day.) It was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to work with a talented cast: Juli Tapken, Theo Bee […]


8/11/17 – short film CASTING CALL… Hey guys (in the most literal sense, this time): If anyone’s interested in acting a confident, easy-going good guy whose occupation happens to be coordinating secret operations… Or in acting a smooth-talking bad guy… Then give us a holler! We’re in pre-production for our second-ever short film and we’ve […]

Updates Coming!

Hey guys. Keep you hats on, cuz we have new stuff coming: an update on the CASTING CALL page (ATTENTION ACTORS! – we’re gonna be needing you!), an update on the Home page, the What’s New page, and the Pix page. Stay tuned!

BLOOPERS: “Maddy and the SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)”.

Bloopers time!!!! Here’re a few outtakes from the filming of “Maddy and the SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)”. Watch the original video here:… Credits music by John Campbell. Featuring: Ben Walley Heather McDermott Joel Walley Meghan McDermott Edited by Meghan and Kelly McDermott. Produced by Myristica Studios. Let us know what […]

Maddy and The SpaceLady Valentine Decoder (and some guy named Billie)

A Valentine decoding chart, a hectic podcast, a frazzled director and an alien visitor! The fun and chaos of Maddy’s Podcast returns! Credits: Written and directed by Meghan McDermott. Featuring: Heather McDermott as Maddy Smyth, Ben Walley as Billie, Joel Walley as Jesse, William McDermott as Techie, Meghan McDermott as Geilin of Renar, Director, and the […]

Characters ON STRIKE! (Authors be Advised)

Characters all across Fiction-dom are on strike, and here’s why. (Paid for by the Union for the Advancement and Protection of Fictional Characters.) Credits: Written by Meghan McDermott. Featuring Heather McDermott as “Jill Redshirt” and “Starlene”, Keenan McDermott as “Zhenora E. Ville”, and Meghan McDermott as “Jeanie West Oak” and “Fiana Gwynn”. Music by John […]

Keep Right Episode 2, Get Ready, Get Set… Go? Pt.2

After finding his new college and work situation a little crazier than expected, Alex is considering quitting. But he gets distracted from his ponderings when he comes across a strange storybook that seems to mirror his experience. This episode is that tale… Credits: Written and directed by Meghan McDermott. Music by Charles Sivils. Voice Talent: […]

Bloopers and Outtakes from Keep Right episode 1

Bloopers and Outtakes from the recording of Keep Right episode 1: “Get Ready, Get Set.. Go?” Credits: Edited by Meghan McDermott, with assistance by Kelly McDermott. Reel Music was by John Campbell. Theme was by Charles Sivils. Actors Featured: Keagon Doyle Jessica Tull Brooke Noble Heather McDermott. Click here to listen to Keep Right episode […]

Keep Right Episode 1: Get Ready, Get Set… Go?

19-year-old Alex Smyth steps for the first time into the worlds of college and employment – which turn out to be a small cacophony of chaos! The experience leads him to an important decision – but is it the right one? Be sure to come back next week for part 2! Credits: Written and directed […]

The BTS Chat (Video): “The Making of Starr-Struck”

Let’s go behind the scenes Myristica! Join actress Heather McDermott and writer/director Meghan McDermott for behind the scenes footage and a chat about the making of “Maddy’s Podcast: Starr-Struck”. Hosted by: Heather McDermott, actress of Madison “Maddy” Smyth Meghan McDermott, writer/director of Starr-Struck and actress for Imma Anker and Ms. Big Fan. Intro and Keep […]

Maddy’s Podcast Video: “3′s Crazy!”

With Keep Right’s 3rd episode finished, Maddy’s fascinated with the number 3! Hence, her crazy list: 3 quick ways to botch an interview, 3 weird things about characters in radio shows, 3 awful things about mornings, 3 topics most people don’t realize the Bible spoke on, and more! Maddy is a character on the upcoming […]

BTS Video Clip (SPED UP): Filming “Help Wanted: Up-and-Coming Hero Seeks Wise Old Mentor”

Just for funsies. :) A behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of the short video “Up-and-Coming Hero Seeks Wise Old Mentor”, sped up. A member of the post-production crew had taken this short clip, sped it up, and, just for fun, sent it to the director who was out of town. (While the cat’s away the […]

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